Saturday, April 2, 2011

How to shape your style

After, let’s say, a traumatic event that a FB friend of mine had with a woman wearing a wrong pair of jeans, he inspired me on doing a post on how a woman should wear their clothes, according to their body type and frame. So, I decided to start with the “Oh- So-Fabulous- And- Always- Trendy- Jeans”.

To most women and men, jeans are essentials items in their wardrobe. They never go out of style and they’re very versatile. New jeans trends come out every year, with new washes, new cuts… Almost every women wants to be “au dernière cri”. We’re even, sometimes, so immerse into fashion, that we choose pieces that do anything but flatter our body figure.The reality is, for most women, it’s hard to find the right pair of jeans that fits and flatters their figure.

Well, not anymore! Because, here’s a guide on how to find the right pair of jeans. Enjoy!

Pear shape:

Characteristics: Rounded hips and bottom, a defined waist, and small bust and shoulders is what defines this shape.

What to wear: Wear a low-rise flare jeans or boot-cut jeans, to give the illusion of a long and lean body and to help balance your large hips and thighs. Dark washes are perfect for this shape.

Avoid!: Extra pockets, especially, on the back! Embellishments, light washes and anything that’s too tight will just draw attention to your bottom, so STAY AWAY FROM THEM!

  Boot Cut jeans from Gap

 Flared jeans from J Brand

Hourglass shape:

Characteristics: Women with this type of shape, have balance curves: a curvy bottom, a defined waist and an ample bust.

What to wear: Look for jeans that draw attention to your curves, with cuts that tend to be fuller on the hips and narrower on the waist. A flare-cut jean, will help flatter your body. If you have average to long legs, wear mid-rise jeans, but if you’re short waisted, wear low-rise jeans. Choose medium to dark shades of jeans, to suit your hourglass figure.

Avoid!: Avoid at all costs, baggy jeans or jeans that are too thigh and extra pockets.

 Low-Rise jean from J Brand

Flared Mid-Rise jean from Citizens of Humanity

Rectangular shape:

Characteristics: Now, this body type is not very common on women. It’s characterized by both hips and shoulders equal in width, an average bust, flat hips, thin legs and large waist.

What to wear: Women with this body type should wear straight fit jeans with a slight flare and jeans that enhances and lifts up their bottom. If you have this body type, you can definitely pull off the gentle relax cuts, so look for them! Look also, for jeans that accentuate your curves; flaps and embellishments on the back pockets, will help to enhance your bottom. Choose acid washed jeans and jeans with fades on the legs, because these are perfect for you!

Here’s a tip: Choose jeans with an contoured waistband to add more curves!

Avoid!: Baggy jeans! These are a big No, No! for this body type.

Straight Contour Waist jean from 7 For All Mankind

Straight jean from True Religion

 Rounded shape:

Characteristics: A potbelly, full short waist, hips and thighs and slender legs characterize these body shape.

What to wear: With this type of body, we’re trying to take the focus away from the belly, thighs and bottom. So, wear jeans that have a wide waistband, to give the illusion of a small belly. Look for jeans that fit the waist and are slightly relaxed in the bottom area and thighs. Boot-cut jeans are flattering in this body type.

Here’s a tip: Jeans with diagonal front pockets, will make you look slimmer.

Avoid!: Capris, saggy or baggy jeans! Also, avoid jeans with faded bottoms and thighs, jeans that are tight in the knees and small pockets. 

                             Boot Cut jean from Sixty Nine Pink Jeans

Diamond shape:

Characteristics: Women with this shape, have a small bust, narrow shoulders and calves and broad hips and thighs.

What to wear: Since we want to divert attention from the waist and focus on your half top, a boot-cut and relaxed fit jeans will flatter your body. To make your legs appear longer, look for pockets that sit higher and to make your bottom look smaller, look for large pockets. Choose dark washes, and jeans with simple or no pockets.

Here’s a tip: If you want to give the illusion of thinner thighs, jeans with the outseam brought further to the front are perfect!

Avoid!: Capris, any excess of fabric in your bottom and anything over fitted. Remember we want a fit to contour your body, not hug it. Small pockets, embellishments, washed out areas in your bottom or thighs…Anything that attracts attention to your bottom area, is a big NO, NO!

Boot Cut jean from Gap
Inverted triangle shape:

Characteristics: Women with the inverted triangle shape, have wide shoulders, medium to large bust and narrow hips and thighs.

What to wear: Unlike the diamond shape, we want to draw attention to the hips and not the shoulders. Choose a boot-cut or flared leg jean to make your legs look long and lean and low-rise jeans to contour the waist. This body shape is perfect for jeans with embellishments, side pockets and light washes on the legs.

Avoid!: Tapered and straight leg jeans, jeans with small waistband and without pockets. 

Flared jean from Hudson Jeans

 Embellished jean from True Religion

Jeans for tall women:

Boot cut jeans: These stylish jeans, will make you look sexy and elegant by wearing a low rise or mid rise cut.

Boot Cut jean from Gap 

Ankle Length Pencil Jeans: The great thing about these jeans, is that they will make you look slender and so chic. 

 Ankle Length Pencil Jean from J Brand

Ruched jeans: Ruched jeans ankle length, will help you flatter your figure. Especially in black!

Ruched jean from Level 99 

Mid Rise Straight Leg Jeans: These jeans are great on tall curvy woman! They will help flatter your curves, making you look classy. 

Mid-Rise Straight jean from 7 For All Mankind

Jeans for short women:

Straight leg jeans: These jeans are perfect for short women! They will help you look lean and taller, which is definitely what we’re looking for.

Straight Leg jean from True Religion 
Skinny jeans: Skinny jeans look great on small or medium size women, by giving them a taller appearance.

Skinny jean from Gap
Slight boot cut jeans: These are perfect for short women with a triangle or hourglass figure.

Slight Boot Cut jean from Earnest Sewn 
Wide leg trousers: If you’re a short woman with a full figure, look for these type of jeans to make your figure look proportionate.

Wide Leg Trouser from Gap
AVOID!: I see this all the time, so that’s why I’m putting the WARNING sign. Please, oh please, avoid capris and cropped jeans! These will cut your legs in half, making you look shorter. 

TTFN! ^_^


  1. Nice post! So true about the capris... I love them, but I guess I'll have to only wear them at home. :)

  2. Thanks! My mom loves them too, but I stop her every single time she tries to leave the house with them on lol.

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