Monday, March 7, 2011

Green Runway: Eco Fashion Week 2011

Fashion week already started and I couldn’t be happier to say: So did Eco Fashion Week! Since I’ve been very interested in sustainable fashion, I felt the necessity to make another post about it and let you guys know about Eco Fashion Week.

Held in Vancouver, Canada, Eco Fashion Week unites the best eco fashion designers from around the world, with the purpose of promoting environmentally conscious trends and educate the world about sustainable fashion. Like any other fashion week, these dedicated and passionate eco fashion designers, get to showcase their recycled, trendy and environmentally friendly collections. 

So get ready to go green, because here are some designers and collections showcased on the runway.

Nicole Bridger: This Vancouver fashion designer, impressed the public with flowy dresses and earthy tones. 

Dahlia Drive: With hand dying, silk screening vintage slips, recycled curtains and men shirts, the collection of this new label, ended up being a very unique and artistic one.

Sofia Clothing: This stylish collection, offered three important pieces for your closet: coats, dresses and trousers.

Lav & Kush: Using leather straps, this collection was all about ruffles, prints, and ultra feminine silhouettes. 

Peridot Kiss: Color blocks and bright and geometric pieces, were the highlights of this collection.

Zero.O.Lab: This label created unique pieces by using unsold thrift store clothes. Talk about recycling and creativity!

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