Friday, April 29, 2011

Shoe Me Now!: Manolo Blahnik Spring- Summer 2011

The first time I heard about Manolo Blahnik, was on the HBO series, Sex & the City. How can we forget the obsessed Carrie Bradshaw that spent, who knows how much money over the years, on Manolo Blahnik shoes? Well, can we judge her? Blahnik's shoes are just simply gorgeous, glamorous and original!

From classic and conservative to eccentric designs, geometric patterns and neon and vibrant colors, this new Spring- Summer 2011 collection, was made for any fashionista that wants to look sophisticated and make a statement at the same time, no matter their style. Enjoy! 

Let’s face it; Manolo Blahnik, never ceases to amaze us!

TTFN! ^_^

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  1. All I can write and say is "OH LA LA!"... Beautiful!