Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Obsessive Obsession: Peter Pan’s youth and joy

You see most women’s logic on the dressing department is preventing to wear what you already wore at least for three months or more. With the “I already wore THAT”, we have the need to buy more clothes, which makes our closet so full that not even donating them to the Salvation Army will end. So, the other day I had an Eureka moment when I said “Why not give an old twist to a modern outfit”. As you all know I am obsessed with Peter Pan collars, so I said “Peter Pan collar it is!” So I took out my sewing kit, I made a pattern and took some old white satin and… Voilà! There it was my Peter Pan attachable collar. So here are some blouses that can change your style completely, without having to buy another outfit.

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Embroidery: I was made for you

A couple of years ago, I took my first embroidery class. I seriously thought it was going to be boring, but I had to take it since it was necessary. At first, it was tiresome. Three hours of just learning different ways of embroidery, I was like “God, help me!”. As the class kept going, I started to find a new love for embroidery. I did not see it as a torture anymore, but as an amazing way of art. I even wonder how long it took all those people, that had to work with designers, to make an amazing embroidery dress.

As I said before, embroidery is such a hard and fascinating way of art. You can do it handmade or with an embroidery machine. Since I don’t own an embroidery machine, I do it the old way, handmade, just like they did in Egypt, Iron Age Northern Europe and Zhou Dynasty China. Well, not just like them. They had an amazing high standard craftsmanship, which I definitely don’t have.  
But since I was so captivated by this new found type of handicraft, and how good I was (said by my teacher, not by me lol) I decided to recently create a line of head pieces, hairpins, belts, etc. called Jolie Jolie Fille. You can find it at ( ) and on Facebook  ( ).

So here are some of my favorite pieces made by other designers and me.

Jolie Flower Headpiece by Jolie Jolie Fille

Textile Statement Jewelry Wearable Art Scarflette Necklace Fabric Cloth Silk Cotton Necklace Black Red by promofrenzyteam 

Jolie Belt with Attachable Flower by Jolie Jolie Fille

Fearless Bead Embroidered Cuff on Etsy. Luxury Bead Embroidery by CircesHouse, with Swarovski Crystals

Jolie Pearly Leaf by Jolie Jolie Fille

Fire Goddess Bead Embroidered Necklace on Etsy. Luxury Bead Embroidery by CircesHouse, with Carnelian, Amber

Jolie Color Splash Flower by Jolie Jolie Fille

Feel free to join my page at Facebook or browse around at my Etsy store!

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Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Eve Outfit!

Okay so since for New Year's Eve almost everybody in my family was sick, all I did was spend it with my parents, grandparents and date at my house. My original outfit was a beautiful red dress but it was too dressy to use it just to stay at home, so I decided to go all color block and wear a simple but fun and trendy outfit.

Blouse: Marshalls
Skirt and belt: Forever 21
Shoes: Zappos


Happy New Year! Blessings!

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Look Book: Natalie Portman Edition

Oh Natalie! I love this woman! I seriously have a girl crush on her. I mean, can you blame me? She's an amazing actress, and not to mention G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!

Sophisticated señorita

Ardenleigh Pastime Polka Dot Blouse from Ruche

Fleece Military Jacket from Forever 21

1969 Lightweight Wide Leg Trouser Jeans from Gap

Vintage 1960s Green Spotty Satin Scarf from Steptoes Dog

Michael Antonio from Zappos

Ombre Stone Stick Earrings from Express

Babe on the way

Boob Maternity Wrap Dress from Everyday Maternity

Stuart Weitzman Dolly from Zappos

Jessica McClintock Large East/West Sating Clutch from Zappos

6/7  mm White, Black and Grey Freashwater Pearl Neckalace from Target

Majorica Grey and White Pearl Drop Earrings from Neiman Marcus

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Growing Pains

Recently, I’ve been trying to grow my hair out after rocking my short haircut for almost a year. Maybe I shouldn’t be complaining too much since my hair grows quite fast, but sometimes it’s frustrating. I should’ve known that growing my hair back wasn’t going to be easy after watching my mom’s struggle years ago. And I can’t say I wasn’t warned by her because I was, but my exact words were “Its just hair! It’s going to grow out anyways!” Apparently, my need of changing my hairstyle didn’t let me see beyond the Rosemarie Woodhouse stylish haircut. Now that I want my long locks back, I can definitely understand my mom’s despair. The truth is, there’s always going to be that moment when you’re not going to know how to style your hair, how to trim it without cutting too much or how to stop it from looking like a mullet or like Justin Bieber just landed on your head.
So, here’re some tips that helped me over the past few months that will make your growing-your-hair-back-experience a pleasant one. Plus, some pictures of my hair growth. ^_^

-          Headbands and hair clips are your best friend. At this stage, accessories not only make you look chic or cute but they’re also necessary to help you “tame” your hair.

-          Your hair it’s not cooperating today, wear a hat.

-          Trim it when it’s needed. This won’t make your hair grow faster but it will get rid of the split ends and the mullet that may be creeping back into your head.

-          Give your scalp a massage. This will stimulate blood flow, which helps feed the hair follicles.

-          Be patient. I know it’s hard but think about your goal of having your long locks back!

Original haircut

Two and a half months ago


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Sunday, October 30, 2011

My obsessive obsession: Off to never, never-land

I remember the first time I used a Peter Pan collar blouse. I was five years old and it was part of my school uniform. Probably, that’s why I love them so much. This classic look makes me remember those days when life used to be so much easier and I could stuff myself with candy and spend countless hours in the swims or playing hide and seek. Not to mention, they are also IN this fall as the 60’s make a come-back to the runway. Here I bring you some cool ways to wear a Peter Pan collar.

Detachable collar: This is an easy way to get that Peter Pan collar without investing in a top or a dress. You can attach this trendy accessory to your favorite garment.

Nautical Detachable Peter Pan Collar from Folksy

Navy Leather Peter Pan Collar from Boutique

Blouses: Weather you’re wearing a chic or sophisticated top, Peter Pan collars are a way to add that cute feminine touch to it.

Embellished Top with Peter Pan Collar from ASOS

What's the Peter Plan top from Modcloth

Whistles Sleeveless Pintuck Blouse

Dresses: This is another great way of wearing Peter Pan collars. Wear them with lace, embellished, printed, rare cuts, color block or maxi dresses.

Camel Lace Peter Pan Dress from Dorothy Perkins

Embellished Peter Pan Dress from Warehouse

Motel Indie Dress in Green Spot from Karmaloop

Peter Pan  Embellished Collar Dress from Oasis

Rare Embroidered Hem Cut Away Shoulder Dress from ASOS

Swing Dress in Color Block from ASOS

Kelly Wearstler Palladian Printed Max Dress from Neiman Marcus

Rompers: Don’t limit yourself to tops or dresses! Rompers are an easy way to transition from day to night in style.

To tea a Romper from Modcloth

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Friday, July 1, 2011

The Look Book: Kim So Eun

A Pleasant Windy Day

ASOS Petite Exclusive Floral Print Gypsy Maxi

 Sullivan Straw Belt from Lilly Pulitzer

Knight Tote by Oryany from Shoebox

WIFKY Beaded Wedge Sandals from YesStyle

Selina Sunglasses from YesStyle

Jewelry from J.ESTINA

Summer Night City

M.E.R.S.H Dual Pocket Chiffon Top from YesStyle

Drapey High-Waist Short from American Eagle

MICHAEL Michael Kors 'Colette' Platform Slingback from Nordstrom

Ajito Faux-Leather Handbag from YesStyle

Candie's Silver Tone Simulated Pearl & Simulated Crystal Stretch Bracelet Set from Khole's

TTFN! ^_^