Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Obsessive Obsession: Peter Pan’s youth and joy

You see most women’s logic on the dressing department is preventing to wear what you already wore at least for three months or more. With the “I already wore THAT”, we have the need to buy more clothes, which makes our closet so full that not even donating them to the Salvation Army will end. So, the other day I had an Eureka moment when I said “Why not give an old twist to a modern outfit”. As you all know I am obsessed with Peter Pan collars, so I said “Peter Pan collar it is!” So I took out my sewing kit, I made a pattern and took some old white satin and… Voilà! There it was my Peter Pan attachable collar. So here are some blouses that can change your style completely, without having to buy another outfit.

TTFN! ^_^

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  1. I love your color peach or pink long sleeve top. Usually, I wear this kind of long sleeve this winter. Sometimes, I used also the brown leather bomber jacket women